macroPETS Rules

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This is a semi-moderated group in which the moderator reserves the right
to delete messages that he finds to be incongruent with the purpose of the group.
He can also edit posts if that will make them more appropriate for the forum.

Only material related to macrobiotics and pets will be allowed (this includes
for example information about diet, shiatsu, accupuncture, herbology, numerology,
feng shui, exercise, etc. as long as yin-yang is the guiding

Political statements and religious material are not allowed.

We love humor but prefer your humorous remarks, jokes and funny
tales to be related to macrobiotics, pets, macrobiotic activities involving pets or
to what just had been discussed.
We'll refuse posts that could be hurtful to anyone including anyone's pet.
Please be courteous!

Please do not use this list for spamming.

Ads for pet related commercial events, courses, etc. may in general be posted
once in advance of the event.
The moderator will put the ad of an event that occurs
in the group's calendar and install one or more automatic reminders
so that the ad will appear again before the event takes place.

General publicity about your business, website, etc. (that is not
related to new events, upcoming courses, etc) may usually be posted
once and will then be put into the appropriate file, if relevant.
When something new is going on, then you can post about it again.
We might be more lenient on this for businesses, websites, etc...
relating to pets and macrobiotics.

Also, please visit macroNETIQUETTE and read the "The (10) Core Rules of Netiquette"
and learn more about those core rules.

Thank you, very much.

Bruce Paine, macroPETS owner and moderator


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